by Ashley Carter


Without a LIMS, one of the most manual processes for a laboratory to complete is creating work in such a way that it can be maintained and tracked moving forward. Wavefront Software has created multiple ways to make logging work into LIMS more efficient and robust.

Automatic Creation form ERP

For captive laboratories, jobs often have their true start in the laboratory’s overall ERP system. When this is the case, having to recreate the work in LIMS can be burdensome. That’s why Wavefront has set up their LIMS to allow integration with ERP and CRM systems. Creation in one system can automatically create Jobs, Samples, and even assign tests.


Wavefront LIMS has experience interfacing with many different ERP and CRM systems, below are some of the most common examples:

Samples and Tests assigned to an Order with text indicating each of them could be automatically logged into LIMS from the ERP System.

  • Plex
  • Oracle
  • Salesforce
  • SAP
  • Dynamics
  • QMS

Commercial and Captive labs both have customers (internal or external) that may request the same set of samples and tests on a regular basis. Instead of recreating the order every time, templates are an excellent alternative, allowing the user to create the order just once as a template, then executing the template as needed.

Perhaps the customer doesn’t specify what testing is needed, but just requires testing to a set of specifications. Triggering a sampling plan for those specifications will create the samples and associated tests needed for those specifications. This is a great way to reduce effort and improve consistency. It also removes the need to read and interpret specifications every time it is ordered.

Overall, logging work into LIMS does not have to be a full time job. Find out more about how Wavefront LIMS can improve your log-in process and other areas of your laboratory workflow by submitting a request through the Schedule a Demo button above.


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