Streamlining invoicing, sample management, and data

Providing the Tools for Commercial Laboratories

Commercial laboratories face unique challenges in managing high volumes of samples, maintaining accurate billing, and ensuring consistent, high-quality testing. A LIMS for commercial labs like Wavefront LIMS is designed to address these demands. With automated invoicing integrated directly into testing requirements and customer pricing, commercial labs can streamline their billing processes, reducing duplicate data management. Wavefront LIMS also offers instrument interfacing, reducing the risk of manual entry errors and typos. Additionally, its templates and sample management capabilities ensure that customers receive accurate, consistent, and complete testing, while sample workflows are tracked automatically.

Top Features In A LIMS For Commercial Labs

Below are a few features that a commercial laboratory might find valuable in a LIMS. Reach out to Wavefront for a no-obligation demo today to learn more about these and other features designed with the commercial laboratory in mind.