Managing Sample Volume and Complex Requirements

Lab Management Supporting the Needs of a Large Lab

Large, or enterprise level, laboratories require a robust LIMS solution to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and maintain rigorous quality standards while managing vast sample volumes, intricate workflows, and complex data sets. Wavefront LIMS for large labs addresses these needs with advanced data analytics featuring integrated Dashboards, enabling data-driven decision-making through automated visualizations that save laboratory management significant time and effort. Laboratory Status Boards prioritize and communicate workflows across multiple areas, optimizing resource utilization. Moreover, live SPC control charts provide immediate attention to issues with data or instruments, ensuring accuracy and consistency in test results throughout the laboratory.

Top Features In A LIMS For Large Labs

Below are a few features that a LIMS for large labs may find particularly useful. Reach out to Wavefront for a no-obligation demo today to learn more about these and other features designed with the large or enterprise laboratory in mind.