Frequently Asked Questions about LIMS

LIMS FAQs are here to help you learn more about Wavefront and LIMS in general.

Frequently Asked Questions about LIMS2024-06-15T14:28:44-04:00

LIMS and Wavefront FAQ’s

The Most Frequently Asked Questions about LIMS

Whether you’re looking to replace your existing LIMS or set up your laboratory’s first LIMS, you may have questions. There is a lot of information out there and plenty of options, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Therefore, we thought it might be helpful to share some common questions that we’ve come across in our years of working with various laboratories and provide some answers. Take a look below at the frequently asked questions about LIMS. When you’re ready, fill out the “Schedule a Demo” form to discuss these or any additional questions you may have with a knowledgeable Wavefront professional.

How does Wavefront support my LIMS?2024-05-10T14:53:57-04:00

Recognizing that a LIMS is a long-term investment critical to maintaining efficient laboratory processes, Wavefront Software places a strong emphasis on providing reliable and comprehensive ongoing customer support. As part of every annual agreement, Wavefront includes a dedicated support contract that grants you access to a customer support portal. This portal serves as a centralized hub for submitting tickets to report any issues or inquiries you may encounter. Your tickets are promptly reviewed and addressed by knowledgeable Wavefront employees, ensuring you receive personalized attention from subject matter experts, rather than a generic call center. Additionally, the support portal houses an extensive library of articles and videos, empowering you to explore solutions, troubleshoot common queries, and expand your understanding of the LIMS capabilities. At Wavefront, we understand the critical role a LIMS plays in your laboratory operations and strive to provide seamless support throughout the lifetime of your investment.

How is a Wavefront LIMS Implemented?2024-05-10T14:52:19-04:00

At Wavefront Software, we understand that implementing a LIMS solution should be a seamless and user-friendly experience. Our approach goes beyond simply providing the software; instead, we prioritize a guided and collaborative implementation process. Our dedicated implementation team will work closely with you, providing step-by-step guidance and ensuring that the system is configured in the most efficient manner to meet your laboratory’s unique requirements. Throughout the implementation journey, our experts will keep you on track, ensuring a smooth transition to the new system. By the end of the process, you’ll not only have the best-fit LIMS solution tailored to your laboratory’s needs but also the confidence and expertise to navigate and make changes to the system independently, without requiring specialized software engineering knowledge. At Wavefront Software, we believe in empowering our clients with a user-friendly solution and a comprehensive implementation approach that ensures long-term success.

Learn more about Wavefront’s implementation process by requesting our LIMS Implementation Guide here.

How long is a LIMS implementation?2024-05-10T14:50:11-04:00

The duration of a LIMS implementation can vary significantly, primarily influenced by the system’s complexity and the level of support provided by the laboratory. At Wavefront Software, we understand the importance of tailoring the LIMS to meet your laboratory’s unique requirements. Our highly configurable Wavefront LIMS solution enables us to work closely with your project team throughout the implementation process, ensuring that the final product aligns seamlessly with your laboratory’s workflows and processes. This collaborative approach, combined with the system’s flexibility, typically results in implementation timelines ranging from 6 to 9 months. However, the exact duration may fluctuate based on the specific features and integrations required, as well as the responsiveness and involvement of your laboratory’s team. By fostering a close partnership and leveraging our configurable LIMS, we strive to deliver a solution that seamlessly integrates into your laboratory’s operations, optimizing efficiency and productivity.

Learn more about preparing for an implementation by requesting our LIMS Implementation Guide here.

What’s the cost of a LIMS?2024-05-10T14:48:06-04:00

The cost of a LIMS solution can vary significantly, primarily driven by the features and complexity of the system, as well as the pricing model adopted by the LIMS provider. Some providers follow a “one-size-fits-all” approach, which may result in laboratories paying for features they may not necessarily require. At Wavefront Software, we understand that laboratories operate under diverse budgetary constraints and have varying feature requirements. To address this, we offer three distinct LIMS Editions designed to cater to different budget levels and needs. This flexible approach allows laboratories to select the edition that aligns with their specific requirements and budget, without being burdened by unnecessary features or costs. Additionally, our modular design enables features to be added or removed as needed, ensuring that you only pay for the functionalities your laboratory actively utilizes. When evaluating LIMS solutions, it is crucial to understand the provider’s pricing model and ensure it aligns with your laboratory’s unique needs, avoiding unnecessary expenses while still accessing the essential features required for efficient operations.

Does my laboratory need a LIMS?2024-05-10T14:46:13-04:00

Determining the need for a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) is a crucial first step in a laboratory’s digital transformation journey. At its core, a LIMS solution helps laboratories maintain organization, ensure accurate and repeatable testing processes, and streamline operations. If your current system relies heavily on manual methods like Excel spreadsheets and individual recall, it can become increasingly challenging to keep up with growth or new test requirements. This scenario is a common catalyst for laboratories to recognize the benefits of incorporating a LIMS into their processes. However, even smaller laboratories with lower throughput can potentially benefit from a LIMS implementation. The decision then pivots towards evaluating LIMS providers and their ability to offer tailored solutions that align with your laboratory’s specific needs. Assessing whether a LIMS provider allows you to selectively include only the features essential for your operations can be a crucial factor in determining the suitability and cost-effectiveness of adopting a LIMS solution.

Where is Wavefront LIMS stored?2024-05-10T14:44:16-04:00

Wavefront LIMS is a web-based, cloud-hosted solution, ensuring convenient access from any internet-connected device with a web browser. Wavefront Software hosts your LIMS on their secure cloud infrastructure, eliminating the need for on-premises hardware or maintenance. The cloud-based architecture is designed with robust security measures and encryption protocols to safeguard your data and ensure that only authorized personnel within your organization can access the LIMS system. Additionally, regular backups are performed to protect your data against loss or corruption. If you require more detailed information about Wavefront’s secure cloud solution, you can review the LIMS Cloud Security page.

What is a LIMS?2024-05-10T13:44:43-04:00

A LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) is a comprehensive software solution designed to streamline and automate core laboratory operations. It manages the complete lifecycle of samples, automates workflows adhering to protocols, provides a centralized data repository integrating with lab instruments, captures test specifications and requirements, generates reports and analytics for compliance and decision-making, and offers real-time visibility through dashboards and status boards. While specific features vary across providers, a LIMS enhances efficiency, data integrity, traceability, and regulatory compliance for laboratories by carefully aligning the chosen solution with the unique requirements of the laboratory environment.

Read our helpful article “What is a LIMS” to learn more.

What features do I need from a LIMS?2024-05-10T14:01:47-04:00

The term “LIMS” encompasses a broad range of functionalities designed to support laboratory workflows. However, the specific features required can vary significantly depending on the laboratory’s unique processes and needs. To determine the appropriate features, it’s crucial to start by mapping out your laboratory’s current processes, potentially creating a flowchart to visualize the workflow. Identify the points where you would benefit from system automation or integration, such as automatically creating samples/tests from an ERP system or importing test results seamlessly. This breakdown will serve as a valuable guide when discussing your requirements with LIMS providers. Some common features to consider include specification management, statistical process control (SPC) charting, reporting capabilities, and portal access. Wavefront LIMS offers a “LIMS Requirements Checklist” tool to assist you in this process by providing a comprehensive overview of common features available across most LIMS providers, enabling you to align your selection with your laboratory’s specific needs.

Learn more about some of the common features Wavefront LIMS offers here: Explore our LIMS Features.

Does Wavefront Software have Industry Experience?2024-05-10T13:55:30-04:00

With over 20 years of experience implementing LIMS solutions across diverse industries, Wavefront Software has established itself as a trusted partner for laboratories worldwide. Founded by individuals with deep roots in advanced materials laboratories, the company’s solutions are designed with a keen understanding of the unique requirements and challenges faced by laboratory users. Wavefront’s team comprises experts with technical backgrounds, many of whom have worked in various industries before joining the company, further enriching their industry-specific expertise. Some of the key industries that Wavefront serves with its LIMS solutions include advanced materials manufacturing, environmental, oil and gas, and food and beverage. This extensive industry experience, combined with the company’s origins in laboratory environments, allows Wavefront to deliver tailored LIMS solutions that effectively address the specific needs of each industry, streamlining operations and enhancing laboratory efficiency.

Take a look at the Wavefront Team here.

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Do I need IT Support to Implement Wavefront LIMS?2024-05-10T13:50:18-04:00

When determining the need for IT involvement during a LIMS implementation, two primary considerations are maintenance and hosting. Wavefront LIMS is designed with a user-friendly approach, enabling everyday system maintenance tasks such as creating tests, adding new fields, and setting up basic automation to be performed by laboratory users without requiring software engineering knowledge or coding expertise. The intuitive interface empowers average laboratory users to make these changes independently, without relying on Wavefront or external support. Additionally, Wavefront LIMS is hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, eliminating the need for server configuration or system maintenance on the laboratory’s side. This cloud-based hosting further reduces the IT overhead required for implementation and maintenance. As a result, laboratories can seamlessly implement and maintain their Wavefront LIMS without dedicated IT support, thanks to the system’s user-friendly design and cloud-based architecture.

Read more about LIMS security and using the cloud environment in the “LIMS Cloud Security” page or read the helpful article “Hosting LIMS in the Cloud“.

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