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Frequently Asked Questions about LIMS

LIMS FAQs are here to help you learn more about Wavefront and LIMS in general.

Frequently Asked Questions about LIMS2023-11-21T09:42:26-05:00

LIMS and Wavefront FAQ’s

The Most Frequently Asked Questions about LIMS

Whether you’re looking to replace your existing LIMS or set up your laboratory’s first LIMS, you may have questions. There is a lot of information out there and plenty of options, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Therefore, we thought it might be helpful to share some common questions that we’ve come across in our years of working with various laboratories and provide some answers. Take a look below at the frequently asked questions about LIMS. When you’re ready, fill out the “Schedule a Demo” form to discuss these or any additional questions you may have with a knowledgeable Wavefront professional.

How does Wavefront support my LIMS?2023-11-10T16:45:41-05:00

A new LIMS system is a long term investment that is pivotal to maintaining laboratory processes. Therefore, it’s important to choose a LIMS provider that will offer reliable ongoing customer support. As part of every annual agreement with Wavefront Software is our support contract. This includes access to a customer support portal that allows them to submit tickets to report any issues or questions. These tickets are reviewed and responded to by knowledgeable Wavefront employees, never a call center. This portal also includes hundreds of articles and videos that can help you answer many questions or explore new solutions.

How is a Wavefront LIMS Implemented?2023-11-10T16:45:30-05:00

Setting up a LIMS does not have to be a difficult task. At Wavefront Software, we don’t just download the software and leave you to figure it out. Our implementation team will guide you throughout the implementation to ensure you stay on track and set up the system in the most efficient way. By the end you’ll not only have the best LIMS solution for your laboratory, but you’ll be comfortable navigating and making changes on your own (no software engineering experience needed).

How long is a LIMS implementation?2023-11-10T16:45:21-05:00

Similar to the cost of a LIMS, the time it takes to implement a LIMS will vary, based on the complexity of the system. However, it also depends on the support from your laboratory. Wavefront LIMS is extremely configurable and we want to make sure that, at the end of the implementation, you have a LIMS that works for your laboratory. Therefore, we work directly with your project team throughout the implementation. Typical Wavefront LIMS implementations take between 6 – 9 months.

What’s the cost of a LIMS?2023-11-10T16:45:13-05:00

LIMS solutions vary in cost. This variation depends primarily on the features and complexity of the system, but also on the LIMS provider. Some providers choose to have a “one size fits all” approach, which may result in some laboratories paying for features they don’t want. Wavefront Software understands that some laboratories have limited budgets and don’t require all of the bells and whistles that some larger laboratories require. Therefore, we created three LIMS Editions designed to fit different budget levels. In addition, features can be added/removed as needed so you won’t have to pay for features that your lab may never use. It’s important to understand how the LIMS provider determines the cost of their LIMS solution to ensure it aligns with your laboratory’s needs.

Does my laboratory need a LIMS?2023-03-24T15:07:14-04:00

One of the first and arguably one of the most important questions to ask in a laboratory’s LIMS investigation. At the very basic level, a LIMS solution can help your laboratory stay organized and ensure accurate and repeatable testing is completed. If your current system revolves around Excel and people remembering what to capture for each test, it can get problematic to keep up with growth or new tests. This is a common situation that leads to a laboratory recognizing their need to incorporate a LIMS into their processes. However, a small lab that does not have high throughput may still benefit from a LIMS. This then lends toward another question about providers. Does the LIMS provider allow you to include only the features you need?

Where is Wavefront LIMS stored?2023-11-10T16:44:53-05:00

Wavefront LIMS is a web-based, Cloud-hosted solution. That means that Wavefront Software will host your LIMS on their cloud and you will access it via an internet browser. Every step of the way there is security and encryption to ensure that only those within your company have access to your LIMS system and backups protect your data from loss.

Find out more details about our secure Cloud Solution by reviewing our Security Page or by submitting a request via our “Schedule a Demo” form, and a knowledgeable Wavefront representative will be in touch as soon as possible.

What is a LIMS?2023-03-31T14:40:31-04:00

A definition of LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) is a software program that aids a laboratory in their workflow processes. This can be capturing samples and test results, reviewing specification requirements, creating reports, and even maintaining dashboards and status boards. Every LIMS provider will offer slightly different features. It’s important to understand what features you need and make sure your LIMS provider can meet those needs.

What features do I need from a LIMS?2023-08-28T10:13:39-04:00

The term “LIMS” is, in many ways, a vague term. At a high level, it is a system that supports laboratory workflow. However, within that support of workflow, there are numerous features. Deciding which of those features your laboratory wants or needs can be an important factor for selecting your LIMS provider. Some features to consider are: Specification Management, SPC (statistical process control) Charting, Reporting, Portal, etc. We recommend starting with what processes your laboratory does today, sometimes creating a flow chart helps. Then, insert points in the process where you want a system to do something, such as automatically create samples/tests from an ERP system or automatically import test results. Use this breakdown as a guide when discussing your needs with LIMS providers.

Wavefront LIMS has created a tool that might help you in this process. Request our “LIMS Requirements Checklist” (click here to direct to that request form) to help guide you through common features available with most LIMS providers.

Does Wavefront Software have Industry Experience?2023-10-23T11:47:46-04:00

Wavefront Software has been implementing LIMS solutions into laboratories across many industries for over 20 years. The company was founded by individuals working in advanced materials laboratories. Therefore, it was designed with laboratory users and their unique requirements in mind. Additionally, many of our employees have technical backgrounds, several even having worked in various industries prior to joining Wavefront. Some LIMS industries Wavefront serves are: Advanced Materials Manufacturing, Environmental, Oil & Gas, and Food & Beverage.

Do I need IT Support to Implement Wavefront LIMS?2023-11-10T16:44:20-05:00

There are two primary considerations when determining IT required involvement for a software implementation: Maintenance and Hosting. Wavefront LIMS was originally designed and remains focused on being user-friendly. This means that every-day maintenance of the system (creating tests, adding new fields, setting up basic automation) can be completed by the user. In addition, the user does not have to have software engineering knowledge. Wavefront LIMS’s user-friendly interface provides the average laboratory user the ability to make these changes without Wavefront or coding help. Additionally, Wavefront LIMS is hosted on Wavefront’s Cloud. Therefore, there is no need for server configuration or system maintenance on the laboratory’s side. A laboratory can implement and maintain their Wavefront LIMS without IT support.

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