Efficient Handling of Large Sample Volumes and Repeated Testing

Supporting Laboratories and Managing Sample Volume

An effective LIMS for environmental labs must streamline processes to improve productivity despite large sample volumes. Wavefront LIMS optimizes sample login, leveraging intake templates to reduce data entry time. This allows technicians to focus on value-added testing rather than administrative work. Consistent template-driven data capture also improves accuracy and standardization across highly variable environmental samples. By implementing robust sample management and workflow automation tuned for environmental requirements, Wavefront LIMS empowers labs to scale efficiently, accelerate turnaround times, and enhance data quality.

Top Features In A LIMS For Environmental Laboratories

Below are a small number of features that a LIMS for environmental labs may find particularly useful. Reach out to Wavefront for a no-obligation demo today to learn more about these and other features designed with the environmental laboratory in mind.