LIMS features for your laboratory

Wavefront LIMS provides the features and support for your laboratory’s ongoing needs

Wavefront was created by people that worked in a laboratory in order to fill the need of a proper LIMS that can truly work for them. As Wavefront grows, they have maintained that idea, and new features are developed with the laboratory, and those that use it, in mind. Below are some of our most common LIMS features. Learn about how these and more features might work for your laboratory by filling out the “Schedule a Demo” form. A knowledgeable Wavefront employee will be in touch to answer your questions.

Workflow Management

Implementing a LIMS like Wavefront can optimize data capture and workflow tracking for improved productivity. Wavefront LIMS offers robust automation features that reduce manual errors, accelerate turnaround, and enhance process flows. Capabilities like automated data entry, status updates, specification management tools, ERP integrations, and batch testing management eliminate non-value-added work. By leveraging these capabilities, labs can unlock substantial efficiency gains, improve quality oversight, and maximize their LIMS investment value.

Wavefront LIMS Specifications Featured

Configurable Automation

Automated Work Log-in

Sample Tracking

Automated Status Flow

Report Creation

Instrument Interfacing

Customer Portal

Specification Management


External System Interfacing

Data Analysis

Wavefront LIMS streamlines data capture through automated workflows, allowing the system to consolidate extensive information not available in manual processes. By combining this comprehensive data with built-in analytics tools like dashboards, statistical process control charts, and batch analysis for QC samples, Wavefront empowers laboratories with the actionable insights needed for data-driven decision making. The automated data collection and optimized analytics capabilities transform disjointed data into unified business intelligence for maximizing productivity, quality, and profitability across the organization.

Wavefront LIMS Dashboard Screenview


Laboratory Status Boards

SPC and Control Charts

Automated Data Export

QC Samples and Batching


Wavefront LIMS enables laboratories to independently configure their system with intuitive tools to match evolving needs, while providing expert support on-demand. The flexible architecture empowers in-house customization of workflows, data fields, roles and more as requirements change. Wavefront’s customer support and helpdesk portal allow laboratories to get assistance quickly, whether it’s answering questions or troubleshooting issues. This combination of self-service adaptability and accessible support ensures laboratories can tailor their LIMS for long-term success.

Implementation Team

Ongoing Support

Helpdesk Support Portal

User-Friendly Configuration

Secure Cloud Environment