LIMS features for your laboratory

Wavefront LIMS provides the features and support for your laboratory’s ongoing needs

Wavefront was created by people that worked in a laboratory in order to fill the need of a proper LIMS that can truly work for them. As Wavefront grows, they have maintained that idea, and new features are developed with the laboratory, and those that use it, in mind. Below are some of our most common LIMS features. Learn about how these and more features might work for your laboratory by filling out the “Schedule a Demo” form. A knowledgeable Wavefront employee will be in touch to answer your questions.

Specification Management


Store specifications and apply them to the work in the lab for automatic verification of conformance. Then take it a step further and use these specifications in the reports.

Report Development


Create reports directly out of Wavefront LIMS in the format your customers expect. Certifications, test reports, even internal data reports, all created in various formats to fit your needs.

SPC and Control Charting


Configure live data analysis for up-to-date SPC calculations. Then, take it a step further and track the data on charts accessible directly from LIMS that reflect live data. No more monthly data dumps and Excel calculations!

Laboratory Dashboard


Samples logged in each day? Orders completed each month? Whatever metric you need to track for your laboratory, let Wavefront LIMS create a dashboard to keep the data at your fingertips.

Instrument Interfacing

Data Import

Typos? Data Entry Delays? Wavefront LIMS can interface with your instruments to eliminate the need for manual data entry, making for a faster, more accurate laboratory process.

Laboratory Status Board

Status Board

Display a live worklist on a screen in each laboratory. The Wavefront LIMS Status Board integrates priority rating and custom sorting so any changes to workflow can be communicated to the lab with a few clicks of the button.



Do you have users of your LIMS whose primary language is not English? Wavefront LIMS can facilitate by working with you to configure the system to show fields in another language.

External System Interfacing


With Wavefront LIMS the lab can export large amounts of test data for use in analytical programs such as Power BI, but the lab can also interface ERP or CRM systems to automatically create work in LIMS.

Customer Portal


Let your customers submit requests, check on the status of their requests, and pull their finished reports all through the Customer Portal.

Supporting your laboratory

Wavefront LIMS – there for your laboratory

Configuring a new LIMS solution can be a daunting task in itself, but what about afterwards? Laboratories aren’t stagnant and neither is Wavefront. We’re here to support your laboratory and help keep everything running smoothly. This may be the most important LIMS feature of all.

Implementation Support

Implementation Team

One of the primary goals of Wavefront LIMS is help our customers set up a system that works for them. That’s why our Implementation Team is with you the whole way.

Ongoing Support


Customers are our priority, that’s why we don’t outsource our support. After go-live of your Wavefront LIMS, you still have the high-quality support of Wavefront LIMS professionals. Any questions, concerns, or changes we’re here to help.

User Friendly

User Friendly

Knowing that most people using a LIMS are not computer programmers, Wavefront LIMS is created with users in mind. Create fields, automation, and find data all through intuitive screens.