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A LIMS (laboratory information management system) is a software system that facilitates laboratory operations, from sample and test log-in to capturing results and creating reports. In addition, some solutions also have features that support improved tracking of work, such as with status boards or dashboards, as well as automatic SPC analysis and specification management. Therefore, selection of the right LIMS provider is one of the most important considerations a laboratory could make. A system and provider that fits well with your laboratory can help not only improve current efficiencies and process flow, but also be able to seamlessly integrate new and complex requirements that are thrust upon your laboratory. At Wavefront, we help your laboratory set up a system that works for your laboratory so you can achieve current and future goals.

On-Demand LIMS Demo Videos

Are you just starting your LIMS investigation or maybe are curious about what features Wavefront LIMS offers? Click here to access a series of short videos highlighting some of the key features of Wavefront LIMS as well as informative videos describing the benefits of incorporating a LIMS in your laboratory.

Take a “walk” through our website and learn a little more about Wavefront Software. When you’re ready, send us a note by filling out the “Schedule a Demo” form. A knowledgeable Wavefront employee (never an outsourced call-center) will reach out to schedule a call to learn about your laboratory and work with you to see how Wavefront can help.

Below are a few pages that will help you get started on your LIMS journey and learn a little bit about Wavefront Software.

Take a look at some of the key features. Are there any that could help your lab improve workflow and process efficiency?

Education is important at Wavefront. We want to share our knowledge of LIMS and help you make good choices for your laboratory. Check back often to see what new articles have been released.

You know a LIMS would help your laboratory, but you’re not sure where to start? Why not request the Wavefront LIMS Requirements Checklist. This tool helps anyone choose what features they might need in a LIMS.

Purchasing a LIMS is a long-term solution, so the people supporting your LIMS are just as important as the LIMS itself. Take a look at your Wavefront team, the people that will be there from the first day of implementation on, always there to answer your support questions.

Want to learn more about LIMS solutions in general? Click here to navigate to a helpful article that might provide some useful information (external link).

Features that Work for Your Lab

Wavefront LIMS has developed features and modules designed to solve common laboratory problems. Here are a few of the most common features our customers rave about.

Store, revise, and review specifications within LIMS, then apply them to samples or orders to let the system automatically review test results for specification conformance

Let the system automatically compile test or sample turnaround time, login and completion rates, or most other laboratory metrics into sleek graphs and charts, making status meetings a breeze.

Acknowledge review of an order, create reports, and send those reports to the customer all in one action. Wavefront Software makes reporting consistent and efficient.

ensuring lasting usability

User-Friendly LIMS Interface

Be able to capture all the information that your lab needs. Create fields and capture new information with a few clicks from a friendly user interface that requires no coding knowledge.


Wavefront Cloud Hosting keeps you running

Wavefront uses state of the art Microsoft Azure cloud solutions to keep your system secure and accessible. Utilizing encryption and state of the art controls, never worry about the security of your data.

Unparalleled support

People Supporting People

With a retention rate over 90%, Wavefront employees enjoy working here. We also don’t outsource our support. What does that mean for you? Continuity of support and knowledgeable Wavefront professionals are always available to answer your questions and support your laboratory’s needs.

Hear from some of our happy customers

Customer satisfaction is one of the pillars that Wavefront operates from. We believe that our customers are priority and we work hard to make sure their LIMS is the best that it can be.

wayne wellswayne wells
16:38 28 Aug 23
They were instrumental in helping meet our clients reporting needs. They were even able to help me... so we can do invoicing straight from the LIMs software.read more
Kayce StarnesKayce Starnes
19:41 21 Aug 23
We use Wavefront Software Inc. (LIMS) in our Laboratory Department at CG Labs.Our customization... has resulted in complications in the past, however, the development team has been very timely in their response. They have been very helpful in determining ways to update our system to remove the complexity that we have, and move toward a more "out of the box" configuration.The only AFI that I would recommend would be the transition from Sandbox to Production. Each time we update, it seems like there are pieces or components that have to be adjusted in order for production to run as smoothly as Sandbox.read more
Summerlin MatthewSummerlin Matthew
15:50 09 Jun 23
Wavefront's customer service and product are outstanding! I highly recommend them. There are many... training videos and tiers of the product to make it more affordable for smaller labs.read more
Melonie SheltonMelonie Shelton
23:39 06 Jun 23
My experience with the Wavefront Software, Inc. over the last 2 years has been excellent in all... areas. Their staff and team go above and beyond to ensure that the software's capabilities are understood, and they work with us as a team and in a timely manner when enhancements are necessary to meet our company processes and goals.I've been managing multiple databases of various data management/tracking styles and have been working with the Wavefront Software team to incorporate each of them. The transition between my old systems and Wavefront LIMS has been seamless and it provides all of my reporting and data management needs. I'm able to have multiple users of various roles and permission levels accessing, viewing, or entering data which helps to streamline and expedite our company's workflow processes.The Wavefront LIMS software is very flexible, adaptable, and intuitive and I highly recommend it and their support team.read more
ryan siekasryan siekas
14:18 05 Jun 23
Wavefront provides a great LIMS solution for our NVH lab. I highly recommend them. The customer... service is top notch.read more
Federica BoganiFederica Bogani
22:25 22 Feb 23
Danielle RickertDanielle Rickert
13:20 22 Feb 23
The solutions provided by Wavefront Software Inc., help us manage our customers and our workflow in... an efficient manner. The team behind the software is amazing, and the customer service is top notch! Wavefront provides the best in data management backed by a team dedicated to their customer's success.read more
Brad NagyBrad Nagy
22:24 20 Feb 23
Wavefront Software Inc. provides a great product, at very competitive rates, with excellent... customer service. I manage an ISO accredited test lab (metallography, mechanical testing, welding, materials characterization, etc.) and have been using the Wavefront LIMS product since 2015. Wavefront has helped our lab to improve quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.We use Wavefront LIMS to generate quotes for our customers, manage the data generated throughout the testing process, and to generate test reports to deliver to our customers. In addition, we have tied the Wavefront platform to our accounting and project management software to assist with other operational activities within the company.The customer service and Help Desk feature from Wavefront is excellent. They are quick to help us customize our LIMS product to meet our ever changing needs. When we run into technical challenges, they are quick to respond and act. If you need a LIMS provider, I highly recommend that you give them a call.read more
Travis AndersonTravis Anderson
15:27 07 Feb 23
Wavefront LIMS is a remarkable software product and is only matched by the quality of the people... who work for this company. I have worked with them for almost 5 years and have only had positive experiences with this company. If you are looking to bring your laboratory into the 21st century with the cutting edge of technology, go with Wavefront.read more