LIMS Videos

When searching for a LIMS for your laboratory, there are a lot of things to consider and learning about LIMS options takes on a priority.

  • Is it a user-friendly LIMS?
  • Does the LIMS have the features my lab needs?
  • Is my data secure with this LIMS provider?
  • Will the LIMS grow with my lab?

Over the years, Wavefront has seen these questions come up, but found that there weren’t many places a user could find answers or guidance in their search. Therefore, Wavefront decided to create their LIMS videos and articles. Take a look at the below videos to learn more about the answers to the above questions and perhaps some additional questions to consider.

We’re adding videos regularly, so check back often to learn more about Wavefront LIMS.

Tracking work is not only extremely important for a laboratory, it can be time consuming without the proper tools. Find out how Wavefront LIMS can help make tracking work efficient and helpful.

An ERP system contains much of the same information that a laboratory will need for testing. Learn about how interfacing the two systems can improve your lab’s workflow.

Audits can require a lot of preparation to compile all of the necessary information. Take a look at this video to see how Wavefront LIMS can make this process much more efficient.

Achieving and maintaining NADCAP compliance includes many facets. Find out how Wavefront LIMS can help make that easier.

Tracking instrument calibrations does not have to be a headache. Watch this video learn how Wavefront LIMS can help your laboratory.

Take a look at this video as a ‘part 2’ for the previous video, highlighting 5 MORE things to consider when purchasing a LIMS.

Purchasing a LIMS is an important investment. Review five points to take into account when making that decision.