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Corrective Actions happen. Issues come up that were not planned for, people make mistakes, and whether it’s the customer, an accrediting body, or your internal quality team, a corrective action is typically requested to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Corrective Actions, or RCCA’s (Root Cause/Corrective Actions) can include analyses in many forms such as 5 Why’s and 8D’s. However, when it comes to tracking the overall process and ensuring each step is completed and reviewed properly, things can become difficult to manage.

This is where a LIMS solution incorporating Quality Management System (QMS) aspects, such as Corrective Action Tracking is a powerful tool. Why purchase a separate system to track corrective actions when it can be incorporated into the LIMS? Wavefront LIMS has helped their customers design a corrective action tracking system that aligns with their existing QMS processes and ensures that their CAR’s are identified, analyzed, and completed correctly and completely each time.

Benefits of Managing Corrective Actions in LIMS

Managing corrective actions in Wavefront LIMS has many benefits, including improved efficiency, increased accuracy, and enhanced data management.

Improving Efficiency

Wavefront LIMS provides the tools to capture the information needed for a corrective action review in one place. Fields can be set as required to ensure that all of the necessary information is provided at the start. This helps eliminate the manual back and forth between the quality team and individual completing the corrective action.

Image showing person holding a target representing accurate reporting.

Increased Accuracy

The configurability of Wavefront LIMS provides flexibility to create fields and field names that make sense to the users. There is no need to force codes into fields because they only allow a few characters, nor is it necessary to combine information into one field because the system won’t support creation of new fields. This improves the accuracy of data captured because the right data can be captured in the right way.

Enhanced Data Management

Essentially all of the data captured in Wavefront LIMS is searchable using the Search Module. Whether it’s evaluating test data in support of a portion of the corrective action process, or searching information from past corrective actions, the intuitive user interface of the search module allows users to pull Wavefront data using the criteria that suits their needs.

In addition, reports can be created using the data captured throughout the corrective action module. This makes final reporting of the corrective action a breeze.

Helpful Features for Managing Corrective Actions in LIMS

Achieving the benefits of utilizing Wavefront LIMS for managing corrective actions includes some of the basic features described below. In addition are other features Wavefront can provide to improve corrective action tracking and make it a streamlined experience.

Easy Field Configuration

Wavefront LIMS has many different field types to choose from to capture the data accurately and efficiently. Whether that’s string fields, dates, signatures, or attachments, you can set up the fields to ensure the right data is captured in the right way. The easy-to-use interface puts the power in the administrator’s hands. If fields are needed to capture new information in the future, the administrator can make those changes with just a few clicks. Basic field creation does not require a developer or Wavefront at all.

Customizable Workflows and Security

User roles in Wavefront LIMS ensure that the right people have access to the right steps in the process. Additionally, those steps in the corrective action process can be controlled through signatory fields and status changes. This ensures that they are completed in the proper order by the proper people. Tie in automation to update those statuses and move the process along without added manual steps.

Automated Notifications & Real-time Monitoring

Instead of the quality manager having to check in with each person for updates, the system can provide automated email notifications as changes are made. Daily status reports can be created and sent to the appropriate people so everyone can be in the loop. Additionally, the color-coded navigation easily reveals the statuses of each corrective action without having to dig into each one.

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Corrective actions are unfortunate but inevitable for most processes. However, managing those corrective actions using a QMS fully incorporated into the LIMS can make the entire process much less painful. Schedule a demo with Wavefront Software today to find out how we can help streamline your corrective action process.


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