LIMS to support turnaround time, efficiency, and accuracy

Supporting Laboratories in Efficiency and Data Analysis

Laboratories that support mining and mineral processing operations operate under high demands for efficiency and accuracy while providing fast turnaround time. Mine planning, resource allocation, and millions of dollars in decisions rely on the analyses of ore, slurry, and other samples captured along the way. Therefore, the laboratory needs a LIMS designed for mining demands that can support the lab under all scenarios while providing tools to access data with minimal effort. Wavefront LIMS is your laboratory’s most trusted tool for the demanding environment of mining and processing plant operations. Our system ensures quick sample turnaround times, maintains high accuracy and precision, and maximizes sample throughput. With advanced quality control metrics and instrument interfacing, Wavefront LIMS enhances your laboratory’s performance, ensuring reliable results and seamless compliance with industry standards.

Top Features in a LIMS for Mining and Processing Laboratories

Below are a small number of features that a LIMS for mining industry laboratories may find particularly useful. Reach out for a no-obligation demo today to learn more about these and other features designed with the mining and process plant laboratory in mind.