The term “LIMS” encompasses a broad range of functionalities designed to support laboratory workflows. However, the specific features required can vary significantly depending on the laboratory’s unique processes and needs. To determine the appropriate features, it’s crucial to start by mapping out your laboratory’s current processes, potentially creating a flowchart to visualize the workflow. Identify the points where you would benefit from system automation or integration, such as automatically creating samples/tests from an ERP system or importing test results seamlessly. This breakdown will serve as a valuable guide when discussing your requirements with LIMS providers. Some common features to consider include specification management, statistical process control (SPC) charting, reporting capabilities, and portal access. Wavefront LIMS offers a “LIMS Requirements Checklist” tool to assist you in this process by providing a comprehensive overview of common features available across most LIMS providers, enabling you to align your selection with your laboratory’s specific needs.

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