Workflow Automation Engine

Laboratories have the need to incorporate their own workflow pattern or business rules into Wavefront LIMS. Wavefront has a Workflow Automation Engine which allows laboratories to implement their unique rules without custom coding. Examples of some workflow automation include having a report generate when all tests and samples are complete or sending an email to a distribution list when a measurement is out of specification.


Workflow Automation Engine Features

The Workflow Automation Engine allows both the Wavefront Implementation Team and Laboratory LIMS Administrators to set up and configure automation rules related to workflow and business rules:

· Create automation rules related to different objects in LIMS such as Work Orders, Samples, Tests, and Analyte Data

· Select conditions and actions from the Wavefront Automation Library determining when an automation rule occurs and what should be performed

· View all automation rules configured in the system to easily determine the laboratory process

· Turn automation rules on and off to suit the needs of the laboratory