Submit Test Requests

Complete the circle of communication between your customers and your lab by allowing your customers to submit test requests directly to your lab through the Customer Portal.


Submitting Test Requests–  Portal Users can submit test requests directly to your lab through Wavefront Customer Portal.

  • Present different Test Request Types that are presented to the portal. This is useful if Portal Users have different kinds of samples, each having unique information that you would like to record.

  • While Portal Users are filling out test requests, you can control the fields and information that is required to be filled out. This is so your lab is receiving useful information in LIMS.

  • Portal Users can attach documents/files to the test request which will flow into LIMS.

  • Once a request is submitted, a record of the request is saved into LIMS for review by the lab.

  • Test Requests come into LIMS as a Request for you to review and approve before becoming an Order.

  • Allowing Portal Users to submit test requests gives your lab forward visibility.

Configurable Test Request Fields–   Change the field names in the portal that are different from LIMS field names.