Deliver Information to Your Customer:

The Wavefront Customer Portal enables you to provide better customer service by streamlining the communication process between your customers and your lab. With fewer calls and emails into the laboratory, you can make more efficient use of your time!


Deliver Reports Online– Deliver final reports to your customers via portal when you are ready for them to view it.

Communicate Status Updates– Portal user can see the status of their orders

Deliver Customer Invoices– Attach invoices for completed orders. (For commercial labs)

Send Email Notifications– Set up email notices to let your customers know when certain events occur, such as when samples are received, reports are available, etc.

Customer Search Ability– Portal users can search through historical data in Wavefront Customer Portal.

  • Portal Users can quickly search months’ worth of reports, invoices, requests, etc. to find the information they need

  • Ability to limit Portal Users’ work request history. (For Example: Reports expire after a year)


Customer Portal User Access– Deploy the Wavefront Customer Portal in one of three access rights modes: 

  • Users only have access to reports and invoices for test requests that they submitted

  • Test Requests, reports, and invoices are available to portal users as long as they belong to the same customer associated to the test request.

  • LIMS users can assign access rights to the reports and invoices for each test request (like address an email)