Order and Sample Management

Manage your lab’s order and sample information easily in LIMS. Associate samples to orders, use existing orders and samples as templates for new work log in, and capture important information about orders and samples to seamlessly log in and track your lab’s work.


Order Management

Group Samples– An Order in LIMS is a group of samples that are tracked together

Log in Orders– There are 2 different ways to log in order into LIMS

  • Create New Order– Creating a new order from scratch
  • Add Like Order– Copy a previously logged in order and use this order as a template to create a new order

Associate Customers– Associate customer and contact information right to an order

Create User Defined Fields– Capture important additional information about an order by creating user defined fields

Separate Order Fields– Create subsections on orders to view certain fields on a separate screen

  • Example: Creating a subsection ‘Report’ to attach any reports related to this order

Print Standard Report– After all sample and test data for an order is captured into LIMS, print a report displaying this order’s information from out prebuilt report format

Sample Login

Samples can be logged in and associated to an order two different ways in LIMS:

Create New Sample– After creating an order, create a new sample from scratch and this sample will be associated with that order

Create Multiple Samples– Log in one sample from scratch then use that sample as a template for other samples in that order, especially if each sample is very similar in content

Add/Remove Tests to Samples– Add one or more tests to a sample to manage test results


Independently Manage Samples– Samples can be managed independent of an order on the Sample Tab. Samples can be associated to an order later if needed.