Instrument Interfacing

Wavefront automates the data entry process by interfacing with instruments to import test results.

Screenshot (11).png

Wavefront can interface to different types of instruments:

  • Simple Instrument Interface: Simple instruments, such as balances and pH meters, produce a single data point, which is then captured by a Wedgelink or similar device for input into LIMS (effectively emulating keyboard input). 

  • Unidirectional Instrument Interface: Instruments server such as a Tensile Tester and ICP generate a .txt, .csv or .xml export file. This export file can be automatically imported and parsed into the Wavefront LIMS database in a near instantaneous fashion.

  • Bidirectional Instrument Interface: Some instruments allow for file import in addition to exporting of results. Wavefront LIMS can automatically generate and deliver batch instrument run files to facilitate bidirectional instrument communication.

Wavefront has an extensive library of preexisting instrument drivers. The screenshot below displays some common data formats.

Screenshot (9).png