Customer Management

Customer Management Module allows your lab to store unlimited number of customers and contacts and maintain their information. You can create user defined fields to store additional information about a customer or contact and easily search to find customers.


Customer Management Features

Organization of Customers– Wavefront LIMS makes it easy to organize customers/contact lists and navigate to Customer information:

  • User Defined Fields can be created and associated to customer and contact
  • Customers are organized alphabetically on the left navigation bar
  • Customers can be filtered based on the first letter in their name. There is a list of letters available at the top of the page

Search Customers– Quickly find Customer/Contact information

  • Customers can be filtered by searching a partial name or their initial
  • Search on customer information in Search Module and load search results back on customer Page

Adding New Customer

Store Information About Each Customer:

  • Customer Name– Name of Customer
  • Bill to Contact– Default Bill to Contact on the Work Order. This can be over written on order by order basis
  • Active–  When a customer is active, LIMS Users will be able to select that customer on an order. Temporarily disable a customer by an checking this box. Once a customer is disabled, users will not be able to select the customer in order
  • User Defined Fields– Fields created by the LIMS administrator to store additional information. Example: Customer Rating field

Associate Contacts with Customer– After creating a new customer, associate an unlimited number of contacts with that customer. Here is contact information that can be stored in LIMS:

  • First and Last Name
  • Contact Type
  • Active– When a contact is active, LIMS users will be able to associated them to an order when that customer is selected
  • Portal Username– Usernames if Wavefront Customer Portal is enabled
  • Portal Password– Password to Wavefront Customer Portal if enabled
  • Is Billing Contact– This field set the Default Billing Contact for this customer
  • User Defined Fields– These are configured by the LIMS administrator to capture additional information about a contact