User-Friendly LIMS Interface and helpful features

Wavefront believes in a user friendly LIMS interface. This allows our customers the ability to make changes to their system without any coding knowledge or having to ask for Wavefront’s help. However, sometimes words and pictures can only go so far. Take a look at the below videos to see how easy using Wavefront LIMS is.

Check back often to see what new feature and function videos we’ve added!

User Interface

See the benefits of Wavefront LIMS and the intuitive interface.

Logging-in Work

Logging in work doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming with Wavefront LIMS.

Basic Search

Create work lists, track samples, tests, and orders, and make changes across them all with one easy-to-use screen.

Five Things to Consider When Purchasing a LIMS

Purchasing a LIMS is an important investment. Review five points to take into account when making that decision.

Five MORE Things to Consider When Purchasing a LIMS

Take a look at this video as a ‘part 2’ for the previous video, highlighting 5 MORE things to consider when purchasing a LIMS.

Instrument Calibrations in LIMS

Tracking instrument calibrations does not have to be a headache. Watch this video learn how Wavefront LIMS can help your laboratory.